The Way You Hold Hands With Partner Reveals Secrets About Your Relationship

The Way You Hold Hands With Partner Reveals Secrets About Your Relationship
The Way You Hold Hands With Partner Reveals Secrets About Your Relationship

One of the main body parts that we use the most is hands. Our hands allow us to interact and communicate with people, even without words. The people with whom we have a special bond whether it’s our partner, children or friends, the gesture of our hands with them reveals the true secrets of our relationship. A lot of oxytocin is released when we hold hands of our partner, which is more than kissing as per a survey.

The emotional quality of every relationship is defined through the physical connection you have with your partner, and one of them is the way you hold their hands. Holding hands reflects your formality, familiarity, dominance, and even submissiveness towards your partner. Action speaks louder than words, hence, in any relationship holding hands speaks a lot and reveals the secret behind the actual bonding nature, you have with your partner. It is one of the most powerful signals humans give each other of affection and interest and that is touch.

1. The Down-Facing Palm

This gesture reveals that the person has a stronger personality, who always takes initiative and are also very decisive. They have plenty of affection for their partner and are also very protective and dominant about the relationship.


2. The One-Finger Hold

The person who holds one finger actually express their tenderness and reassurance for their partner. The secrets for this gesture is that both are independent, spirited people, each with their own passions and interests outside of the relationship. They enjoy their space and individuality, but both are connected with each other strongly and confidently.

3. The Interlocked Fingers

Those who interlock all of their fingers when they hold hands, actually have a passionate relationship. They have crossed the infatuation stage and are more level-headed towards each other. They have endless care for one another and are also very comfortable, vulnerable and honest with the relationship.

4. The Over-The-Shoulder Hold

People who hold hands over-the-shoulder are very protective of their partner. It reveals the secret of a more strong, intimate and proud relationship, who don’t care a damn to display their love for each other in public.

5. Hand Wrapper

When people hold hands in this way, it actually is a sign of protectiveness and a stronger bond, but chances are that it could result in codependency. Hence, both need to be a little extra cautious into which direction the relationship travels.