Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

Position Number 1: Covering Head

People that are sitting like this are leading themselves by the principle “If you cover the head with a blanket the monster will go away!”. They believe that the issue will resolve on its own. Sometimes this approach works but not every time and in that case the problem is being pointed to someone else. It is easy to talk with such people. They can easily handle different situations and they are really creative but they are acting a little childish and because of that sometimes they are even charming. They will say something first, and then think about what they did.

Position Number 2: Crossed Legs

These types of people are good dreamers and that means that they have good imagination and they call themselves as the soul of the company or of the team. They are always having new and great ideas and that is why they are never getting boring. They want to meet new friends and they want to travel all around the world. They will make decisions in quick time.Every Monday or New Year they have a new page of their lives and they can change their city, state, appearance, business,job and even the partner in a very short period of time.

Position Number 3 : Foot Together, Knee Apart

They want to be comfortable. They do not enjoy shopping or dressing up too much but they surely enjoy choosing the best cream or perfume for them. When it comes to clothes they are very choosy and complicated. These people have trouble with keeping the concentration for a longer period of time and they can easily go off the topic because of that.

Position Number 4: Legs Together

These people are always on time and they are never late and because of that they hate waiting for others. They are really sensitive, smart, and intelligent. If someone expresses their feelings in a public place they will feel uncomfortable. They are open and they always are speaking directly to face. They are ready to oppose everyone and they can immediately start a counterattack.

Position Number 5: Legs Together, Tilted to One Side

These people want to first gain the right education and a career before creating a family. They are persistent but in some cases that can make them to actually be stubborn. The main encouragements of these people are the ambitions and they want to go to the place where all their dreams will come true. They always want to look good when they are going in public places but still there is a little bit of insecurity deep down in them