The Number of Bracelet Lines Reveals About Your Future

The Number of Bracelet Lines Reveals About Your Future
The Number of Bracelet Lines Reveals About Your Future

Nobody can predict the future perfectly, but with enough information, most of us can make an educated guess.

After all, the universe throws signals our way all day long. If you know how to read those signs, you’re probably in good shape to figure out what’s likely to happen next.

Some of these signposts are obvious: gathering clouds mean a storm is on its way, and achy joints might indicate a damp spell.

But it doesn’t always have to do with the weather; some people believe that the universe is constantly sending us important omens to signal potential pathways for the future.

Whether you believe that or not, I think we can all agree that the universe is full of unexplained mysteries. When life offers us an opportunity to shed a little light on those ambiguities, why not take advantage?

That’s why we’re particularly fascinated by the hidden story behind every individual’s “bracelet lines,” also known as Rascette lines.

We all know about the importance of lines and creases in palm reading, but, as it turns out, you can get a quick read without even looking at your palm; all you need is your wrist!

What does your wrist reveal to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Hold your dominant hand out flat, palm up. Take a peek at your wrist, at exactly the point where your hand meets your arm. You may see some faint horizontal wrinkles.

Now clench your first and curl your wrist. Now, you should see several deep lines cutting across your wrist.

These are your bracelet lines, and some believe that the number of lines and the shape of the creases hold important information about your future.

Each line may roughly indicate 30 years of life. Most people have two or three lines — but some a small handful have four, indicating that those individuals may live to be around 100 years.

Line #1: The Health Line

The first Rascette line is generally considered to be the most important, and will give you the most information about your life.

If it is deep and straight, without breaks, that’s a very good sign, indicating a long and healthy life.

If you notice that it’s faint or broken, that can be a sign that you need to change your lifestyle.

If it’s broken in more than one place or curves up to the base of the palm, that can be an indicator of fertility challenges for both men and women.

Line #2: The Success Line

The second bracelet line often closely mirrors the first in terms of shape and depth.

This line represents your wealth and material success in life. A deep, straight line indicates wealth and financial success.

If your first line is broken or faint, but the others are distinct, you may overcome problems in your youth for a more successful future.

A break or divisions in this line might indicate dips in your finances before they stabilize again.

Line #3: The Influence Line

Not everyone has a third line, but if you do, it generally serves as a measure of social prosperity.

If this line is straight and distinct, it says great things about your longevity, and also indicates that you’ve used your years to become an important and influential part of your community.

Maybe you’re the matriarch or patriarch of a huge family, maybe you’re a leader in your church; either way, you’ve achieved some measure of fame or influence!

Line #4: The Strength Line

If you’re one of the lucky few with a fourth line, you can look forward to a long, long life — possibly moving into the next century!

Because this line is so rare, it is usually read as a support of the third line.

A visible fourth line indicates a strong social presence, and might mean that you’ll have lots and lots of descendants.

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