How to Get Pregnant with Twins Girls

how to get pregnant with twins girls

Now a days pregnancy is a very delicate process and anything that tampers with the reproductive organs can lead to difficulty in consumption and possible infertility. If anything went wrong it is really one of the most painful thing in your life.

Did you know there is possible for a woman to plan twin girls naturally without any artificial methods? Many believe that it’s possible to have twin girls without the involvement of any genetic factors find out how this is possible.The first issue that you will face is becoming pregnant with twins at all, and the second is attempting to have a gender specific pregnancy.

The things that people have done in the past and that they say will help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with twin girls naturally and without the need for artificial items or genetic factors. Below are some of the methods that others have tried and found to be successful.

1. Genetic Factors

If women come from a family that have a steady supply of twins in the family tree, it may be easier for them to conceive twin girls than it would be for women who do not have this luxury. The chances of a woman becoming pregnant with twin girls when she has the genetic factor on her side, they have also been shown to improve the chances of a woman who does not have twins in her family as well.

2. Yams

Yams can be recommended for women who are struggling to have a regulated ovulation cycle, but this yams have been shown to increase the chances of having twins. In fact, there is a tribe in Africa that gains much of their sustenance from a yam like vegetable and has the greatest number of twins in the entire world.

It is advised that you begin eating yams at least three months before you are looking to become pregnant. After this point, your ovulation cycle should be regulated and your body will be ready to become pregnant. You should continue eating yams throughout the period of time that you are trying to become pregnant.

3. The Weight Factor

There is another way to improve your chances of having twins is to have an excessive weight. It has been shown that women who are overweight have the ability to produce more hormones in their body that can improve your chances of becoming pregnant. However, being overweight can also increase your chances of having issues becoming pregnant at all.

4. Planning for A Girl

When you are planning to have a girl at this intercourse will play key role such as when you have intercourse and which position you have to use. Since female sperm are heavier and live longer, they are also much slower when they are swimming. It has been shown that while male sperm can live in the body for only about 24 hours, the female sperm are still present after 72 hours.

For this reason, it is important that you have intercourse 2 to 3 days before you are scheduled to ovulate. After this point, you will need to avoid having intercourse until after you ovulate. This will give male sperm the time that they need to die off so that you will be able to have twin girls rather than boys.

4. Acidic Environment

Acidic food is also something that can improve your chances of having girls because it can create an environment that is not suitable to male sperm. Research has shown that female sperm tend to live longer in an environment that is more acidic and by consuming these types of foods you will be able to improve your chances of having twin girls when you become pregnant.