8 Tips to Save Fuel Costs

8 Tips to Save Fuel Costs
8 Tips to Save Fuel Costs

Although fuel prices are not as high as they used to be in the earlier times, but still they are the major costs for the travellers. No wonder that outstation cabs never ever run on petrol and are mostly diesel or CNG cars (as these are cheaper fuels). In an outstation trip people mostly prefer to take a taxi as it can get cumbersome to drive, but still we bring to you 8 tips to save fuel costs. Here goes-

1) Don’t carry around unnecessary weight

Just like your body, your car needs more fuel to move around more weight. So, just as you wouldn’t wear a heavy rucksack unless you had to, don’t cart stuff around in the boot of your car unless you need it. Ironically, the heavier the item, the less likely you are to bother taking it out of the boot and the greater the effect it will have on your fuel consumption.

2) Accelerate smoothly

The perfect way to travel is at a constant speed (ideally around 45 kmph). So if you’re a patient driver, you’ll have lower fuel bills – it’s as simple as that. It’s unrealistic to avoid overtaking, but there’s little point accelerating past a car to simply be in front of it at the next set of lights

3) Don’t push the accelerator down too far

This one always surprises people. It’s not just to do with what gear you’re in. You may be in a high gear and travelling at a sensible speed, but if you’re pushing the accelerator down a long way to avoid changing into a lower gear (into third from fourth, for example), then you’re actually using more fuel not less.

4) Stick to the speed limit

If you ignored the law, you could shave a bit of time off your journey by travelling above the speed limit, particularly on long motorway trips. But, although you might arrive about 20 minutes early on a 200-km trip by travelling at 80 Kmph instead of 70 kmph, it’s also a false economy as you end up paying more on the fuel bill.

5) Check your tyre pressures regularly

The lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel the car needs to move it down the road. We recommend that you take five minutes every fortnight to check the tyres. If you’re not sure what the pressure should be, you can normally find the figures near the lock inside the driver’s door

6) Park your vehicles in shade

It will take less time for the car to cool down once you start driving again. This has a direct impact upon the fuel consumption of the car as the engine requires fuel to keep itself cool.

7) Use gears wisely

Higher gears at low speed and vice versa will lead to lose of more fuel. Shift gears carefully and according to the desired speed. This will cause less strain on your engine.

8) Use stock tyre

Before changing your tyre to the modern style thick ones, think again. The more the width, the higher the rolling resistance offered the higher the fuel consumption.

So, folks, these were just some of the tips which you can use to cut down the fuel costs of your outstation trip. So, do keep them in mind and make sure that the next time you are a wise traveller and not a fool. Another smart thing you can do is book a taxi from AHA taxis for your safe and happy journey.

source : ahataxis.com