8 Shocking Reasons Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women

8 Shocking Reasons Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women
8 Shocking Reasons Why Men Cheat On Loyal Women

Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they’re being unfaithful Cheating is one of the major reasons of increasing divorce rate in the world. Recent study suggests that lack of loyalty and faithfulness are the reasons behind 50% divorce rate in America and Europe. It was found out in the study that men cheat even when the women are loyal, faithful and dedicated to them. After thorough research and brainstorming, I have found out few reasons why men cheat on loyal women. Check it out.Recommended story: 10 signs that your boyfriend is playing with your feelings

1) Love is not an issue for men.

They might truly love you but there are many things boggling in their minds. Men are generally narcissistic in nature due to which they are unable to prosper their relationships.

2) Men are egoistic and love to seek attention of other girls.

Guys don’t get satisfied even after getting beautiful, intelligent and loyal partner. Whenever they get an opportunity, men try to seek validation from other girls.

3) Men are insecure and feel that their partner can leave them.

So, they like to keep backup plan and also makes their girl realize that they are liked by other women.

4) Men dislike stability and are always in search of thrill.

Men like to have wild experiences by doing new things and making new mates. They feel that new affairs and relationships give them a chance to prove themselves again.

5) Men cheat due to frequent arguments and fights in relationship.

Men tend to become cold and distant due to lack of emotional connection with their partner. So, they opt to have a second lady in life who can understand their feelings and console for time being.

6) Men seek appreciation and respect in relationship.

When a woman doesn’t appreciate his man, then men feel emotionally unrewarded and unwanted person in his partner’s life. He is left with no other option but to seek comfort in another woman.

7) Men are genetically inclined to seek multiple partners for sex.

Men just can’t resist sleeping with different women in their lives. So, they feel that cheating is the only way out to satisfy their lust.

8) Men believes in tit for tat.

If a man finds out that his wife has cheated on him, then he might cheat in the urge of revenge on her. Once the bond of trust has been broken by either of the spouses, then it becomes difficult to sustain the relationship.Share these little-known things with your friends.

source : wittyfeed