8 Common Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying

8 Common Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying
8 Common Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying

8 Common Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying


I think the most “popular” reason if there is such a thing, is that your baby is hungry. The first thing I would always do when my kids were babies was give them something to eat (milk) and if they didn’t drink any and kept crying, I would move to the next option. Always, check first to see if your baby is hungry because babies love to eat.


Babies love to sleep too and sometimes they for some reason do not fall asleep as fast as they’d like to or you would want them to. So make sure your baby has comfortable clothes on, is well fed and that the temperature in the room is just right. Some babies “fight” with their sleep, like my two daughter’s did, so make sure you don’t give up and actually make your baby go to sleep. You can take your baby a bath with the trusted Johnson’s bed time bath and then massage them with their bed time lotion. You can definitely buy the complete giftset to ensure your baby will sleep like an angel, that’s what I did! Also, your baby will wake up happier and not be cranky the whole day. Try these tips for proven ways to sleep your baby faster and with less hassle.

Change of diaper

Your baby may also be crying because it’s time for a diaper change. There may be poop or pee either way, your baby will cry until you change the diapers. Babies do not like to feel “wet” so make sure you change those diapers and watch your baby be happy again. My kids used to wear the Pampers baby dry because they could wear the diapers for a longer period of time without me having to change it. A mother’s dream!


When babies have diaper rash they tend to be more cranky and uncomfortable, they will express it by crying of course. So make sure you have a great diaper rash cream like the Desitin diaper rash cream because it works wonders, trust me! I still use it today and I love it. Make sure you also change your babies diapers more often then you would normally do because you want to keep the rash area as fresh as possible.

Hot or cold

Babies are sometimes complicated little individuals and they run our lives, let’s face it! Take this for example, your baby might cry because she or he feels cold or hot. You have to know what clothes to have them in and make sure that it’s just perfect like the onesie’s that I love so much. My kids would wear onesies all day errday, either the short sleeve or the long sleeve ones. The onesie’s are a babies best friend because they are soft and comfortable.

Swelling of the gums

Your baby’s gums will start to swell from about 4 months and on, which means there will be a lot of fussing and crying. Babies are in pain when their first set of teeth starts to grow, there for I recommend you always have in handy a gum relief gel. I used the Orajel teething nighttime formula for my babies and it worked wonders. You know what? I used it on my gums too, not even kidding! One night my gums started hurting because I had to go to the dentist and I kept procrastinating it like usual, so that’s what I get people. Anyways, so my gums started hurting and I wanted to cry, I probably did because it was so painful (haha! not even funny) and the only thing that I could think of to relief the pain was my twin’s Orajel teething gel. I applied it on my gums and it was amazing, It worked on me!


Your baby may cry because he or she have swallowed air by crying (surprise, surprise) or by drinking milk from a bottle or from breastfeeding. Gas is said to be caused by “swallowing” air.This may cause bloating, your baby’s tummy to be hard, burping and of course crying! Having a baby with gas is not fun at all, so you may want to try a different baby formula or you may want to buy new baby bottles that helps prevents gas like the Dr. Brown’s BPA free bottle.


I remember when my first born was a baby and would be constipated because it was the worst! I do not like to see or hear my babies cry, specially when they are in pain. Constipation is another real common reason why babies cry and you can do a few things about it. You can lay your baby on his or her back and start massaging the legs. Exercise the legs by holding both legs and bringing it in to the stomach and out. This is great to loosen your baby’s stomach. Also feed your baby prunes if she or he is already eating solid foods. Always ask your baby’s pediatrician for advise or medication to help with the constipation.

A baby’s cry is how they communicate with us when they want something or when they are in pain. It’s so important to know your baby inside and out because the faster you know why your baby is crying, the faster you can help your baby stop crying.

source : stressfreemommies.com