7 Things You Should Avoid After Having A C-Section

7 Things You Should Avoid After Having A C-Section
7 Things You Should Avoid After Having A C-Section

7 Things Avoid After Having A C-Section

Bending Down

This was the first advice that my mom gave me after having a C-section. Bending down is strongly not recommended to a mother who just had a C-section to do and even to a mother who gave birth vaginally. This is a precaution to take if you want your healing process to go smoothly and faster. Always ask your hubby, family members or friends to help you pick up anything that you need.

quick tip: Have your baby’s wipes, diapers, clothes at reach and not somewhere that you have to bend down in order to get. Your baby’s health and well being is very important and you know what? So is yours.

Lifting heavy objects

You just had major surgery and lifting heavy object is a big no no! Please, rest as much as you can and ask someone to help you with anything that you might need help with. Lifting heavy objects can cause your incision to open and this will only result in a painful experience for you. Also, depending on whether you had staples or stitches, you will run the risk of your doctor stitching you up again or placing more staples on your incision. Be careful and take care of yourself!

No sex

Please avoid having sex while your C-section incision is still healing and even a couple of weeks after that. You can never be too sure and remember you do not want to cause your incision to open. Explain to your hubby why you can not have sex and the importance of resting and letting your incision heal properly. I am 100% sure that he will understand!

Tight clothes

I know that sometimes we are just in a hurry to wear our pre-pregnancy clothes and forget how important it is to take it easy and let our bodies heal. Even though you might be wearing a postpartum girdle, it is crucial that you wait at least 6 to 8 weeks for your incision to heal completely. Avoid wearing tight clothes, whether it’s a shirt or pants, or any clothing that might rub on the incision.

quick tip: Try wearing flowy dresses or pajama dresses for the first couple of weeks, like I did! This will ensure a proper healing process and will also provide air and “breathing space” for your incision. Dresses are also so comfortable!


Oh, I know what you might be saying to yourself ” This women have lost her mind telling me not to laugh” and maybe you’re right, I do have a few loose screws ever since I became a mom. But! you have to believe me when I say that laughing is painful when you just had a C-section and are trying to recuperate. I remember when I visited my aunt at the hospital right after she gave birth to her son via C-section. My dad was telling her a funny story and all I could hear was “stop, it hurt, it hurts” while still laughing and holding her stomach. When you laugh, your stomach moves and puts pressure on your abdominal, imagine putting pressure on an incision that is not yet healed? It’s not pretty or funny.


This may sound silly just like “not laughing” but trust me, every cough is painful. Again, when you cough you are putting pressure on your stomach, Even though we obviously can’t avoid it, I still wanted to give you a heads up.

quick tip: Before coughing or sneezing, make sure to place your hands on top of your C-section incision to protect it and for you to feel less pain.

Touching your incision

You must avoid touching your incision while it’s still healing because you can get it infected. Your incision is fresh and it’s practically still opened, so you want to avoid any contact to the incision. When you are taking a bath, use a cloth and lightly wet it with warm water and just dab it on top of your incision very carefully. Also, make sure to completely dry the incision area with a dry towel.

source : stressfreemommies.com