63 Year Old Donna Hall Wins Figure Competition Show

63 Year Old Donna Hall Wins Figure Competition Show
63 Year Old Donna Hall Wins Figure Competition Show

Donna Hall recently came out of retirement at 63-years-old, finishing in first place in her category.

Donna Hall has been away from the bodybuilding stage for over 18 years after retiring from the figure competitor division at the age of 45.

However by 2017, Donna decided that she wanted to step onto the stage ‘one more time’. She didn’t mess around either, as she ended-up walking away with the trophy.

Not bad, eh ladies? What’s your excuse now?

Who Is Donna Hall?

Donna Hall hails from an area called Millville, which is located in Delaware, USA.

Roll back to 18 years ago, when Donna was 45 years old, she called time on her competitive career which lasted a total of five years.

But Donna didn’t give up on her passion for fitness right there. She continued to work within the industry as a trainer at Bethany Beach World Gym.

Although she’d helped hundreds of clients tranform their physiques, it wasn’t enough to fill the void.

Ultimately, in 2017, Donna finally told her boss “I have to do it one last time” and began preparing to appear on stage for her final appearance.

Inspirational Victory Proving Age Is Just A Number

Donna worked hard to prepare for her competition throughout 2017, paying close attention to her diet and training to tone her body up.

She was supported by her two sons on her journey, who also have a passion for fitness. As Donna said: “They are both very much into working out”.

After months of intense training, the 63-year-old finally stepped-out on stage in late 2017; she entered the 8th annual NPC Amanda Merinelli bodybuilding competition, which was held in Florida, USA.

Although she’d been out of the game for almost 2 decades, Donna finished 1st in the over 60s division, as well as storming to second place in the over 50s category – a very commendable performance.

Final Thoughts

Donna has certainly proven that age isn’t an excuse. Her hard work and determination to prove herself on the bodybuilding stage for one last time really paid off. For that, we commend her!

source : spotmegirl.com